Messages from Current and Former Students

Q1. What is the difference between your present job and your studies at Hokudai?

I am working in university as an associate professor now. And, my research interest includes signal processing, pattern recognition and their applications in mechanical engineering, whith is consistent with my Ph.D research.

Q2. What were the advantages in obtaining a Ph.D at Hokkaido University?

I have benefited a lot from my supervisor Kudo sensei, even at present. His patience, his noble personality still impress me much.

Q3. What are the advantages of having this degree?

To be a researcher, I think it is the basic requriment to gain the Ph.D degree.

Q4. What are your plans for the future?

In the future, I want to visit Hokkudai again, and look forward to travelling all over the world one day.

Q5. What would you like to tell current students?

Please don't forget to enjoy the surrounding natural beauty when you are doing your research.
Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning Lab
2013, Ph.D
Shandong University of China, Associate professor

Guoliang Lu