Messages from Current and Former Students

Q1. What is the difference between your present job and your studies at Hokudai?

My supervisor, Prof. Takeaki Uno, is a collaborator since I was a student. Thus, my current job is closely related with the research topic during the Ph.D period.

Q2. What were the advantages in obtaining a Ph.D at Hokkaido University?

The quality of professors in the university is very high.
In addition, thanks to them, I met many excellent researchers outside the university.

Q3. What are the advantages of having this degree?

I joined the ranks of researchers.

Q4. What are your plans for the future?

I would like to communicate with researchers all over the world, to find new problems, and to reveal the mysteries.

Q5. What would you like to tell current students?

It is said that "Take the fortune by the forelock". Make steady efforts, and don't miss the fortune if you find. 
However, if you get tired, let's take a walk in the campus.
Hokkaido University has the different beautiful scenery in each season.
Information Knowledge Network Laboratory (2015, Ph.D) National Institute of Informatics, Principal researcher

Kunihiro Wasa