Messages from Current and Former Students

Q1. What is the difference between your present job and your studies at Hokudai?

Problems and technologies are not so different during student days and moment. However, I have a strong awareness of business point of view than before.

Q2. What were the advantages in obtaining a Ph.D at Hokkaido University?

The best thing was that I could concentrate studies with companies such as professors and students. Furthermore, delicious foods and beautiful natures in Hokkaido were very attractive.

Q3. What are the advantages of having this degree?

When you have a job, you can not use a time like student. During my student days, I could concentrate what I would want to do freely. It was valuable experience in my life.

Q4. What are your plans for the future?

The short-term goal is a productization of our current research outcome and provision of it. I would like to keep growing through these experiences.

Q5. What would you like to tell current students?

Your student days seem long but short.
These are very precious time that you can do your interesting things. Enjoy your studies as you like. And, don't miss Hokkaido's specialities such as delicious foods and natures.
Large-Scale Knowledge Processing lab (previous Knowledge Media lab)
(2011, Ph.D)
Hitachi, Ltd. Department of Systems Innovation

Yu Asano