Messages from Current and Former Students

Q1. What is the difference between your present job and your studies at Hokudai?

I have continued my research that is the same both before and after the graduation. My research interest is in algorithms and data structures. Particularly, I have been studying data structures that compress and manipulate sets of strings. The professor of our laboratory is famous for succinct data structures. I often enjoy discussion with him.

Q2. What were the advantages in obtaining a Ph.D at Hokkaido University?

In my current working place, many buildings are packed densely. The sparse campus of Hokkaido University is really comfortable. The location of the campus, that is near to the city center, is convenient. I also love cool climate in Hokkaido. Sapporo has less insects than Tokyo (except for the season of Yukimushi). In Tokyo, I often see cockroaches on roads, in the campus, and in the building of laboratory... Sapporo is a fine city. 

Q3. What are the advantages of having this degree?

In my opinion, the degree itself is not so important. What important is the process to obtain the degree. I was really lucky during I was a student. When I was a graduate student, there was a big project around me and I had joined that. As a member of the project, I met many superior people and learned many things. That experiences are my large fortune now.

Q4. What are your plans for the future?

The department that I belong to now is sometimes called as "mathematics department in faculty of Engineering". Because my research area is informatics, it is often hard to understand discussions between students. But this is stimulating environment to learn. I would like to learn new knowledge from people around me and make my research more broader.

Q5. What would you like to tell current students?

When I was a student, I was not used to go to the laboratory frequently. To be honest, I had went to the university only when necessary; 2 or 3 times per a week. In our research area, computer science, we can do almost anything by a PC. So, we do not have to stay labs. Some people may think in the same way as me that they can make more improve at their homes than at laboratories. However, talks and discussions are impossible alone. I think the largest reason to go to laboratory is to communicate with others. Face to face meetings are much fruitful than web meeting or emailing. I do not think we should stay laboratories all time, but I recommend you to attend seminars and participate workshops. Chatting (and some discussions) will make your laboratory life richer.
Large-Scale Knowledge Processing Lab. (previous Algorithm Lab)
2014, Ph.D
The University of Tokyo,
Grad. School of Information Science and Technology