Messages from Current and Former Students

Q1. What are you studying?

My research is about neural networks in the context of online learning, where information needed to train the network is not fully available at the beginning and learning is more complicated.

Q2. What are the advantages for you in studying at Hokkaido University?

The biggest benefits for me are the nice working and living conditions as a student of Hokkaido University. The university campus is very beautiful and apartments in walking distance of the university are affordable and near to the city center.

Q3. What do you have in mind for your career/future?

I am planning to work as a researcher at a Japanese company, so that I can further deepen my experience in Japan.

Q4. What would you like to tell prospective students?

I never regretted my choice to spend my graduate school days in Sapporo. While there are many job opportunities for computer scientist in Japan’s bigger cities, I felt that it is more difficult to experience life in Sapporo at a later phase of my life.

Q5. What is the best merits/experiences for you to have studied in Japan?

Studying in Japan offered me the possibility to experience Japanese life and culture much deeper over a long time. Also, Japanese people are food lovers and staying here made me one too!
Intelligent Information Systems Lab
Doctor course 3rd year

Jana Backhus