[Activity Report] Qualify for Asian round in ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest

ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest has a history of over 30 years and is a worldwide contest for college students. It starts from a domestic preliminary and proceeds to Asian preliminary, and then world contest. In the domestic preliminary held on July, 24, five teams mainly composed of our course undergraduates and graduates challenged and the following team cleared the preliminary at rank 31:

Team: four-t
Yuya Sugie, Division of CSIT course, B4
Ryosuke Takizawa, i.b.i.d., B3
Yotaro Tabata, Division of chemistry, Department of Science, B2

They belong to “Comepetive Programming club.” If you are interested in such an activity, please visit at
Club Page, and contact the representative.

Asian preliminary will be held on 12/16-17. We will continue reporting their progress.

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